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About us

We are so glad you are able to stop in.  If you are ready for a treasure hunt, get ready, set, go!  
WT Treasures was formed in November of 2016, when my partner decided to go to an auction and brought home some awesome items.  He had no idea that I always wanted a thrift store and I had no idea that his family had always owned a store.  I had a love for thrifting and giving people pretty items at inexpensive cost, he already knew a slew of information about plumbing and hardware, and we developed a love for antiques together when we purchased our first estate.  We decided to begin selling these items out of the shed in our backyard.  The shed was huge, so it was okay.  My partner purchased a storage unit filled with an apartment that belonged to an older couple, who apparently passed away, and our guessing was that the kids no longer wanted the items, but to us it was full of treasures and antiques and it was so fun to sift through.  Some of the first things we sold were antique dishes, jewelry, and furniture.  We were able to sell items for pennies on the dollar to people who enjoyed it! We named the store "The Bargain Shed" because we filled the shed with items we could sell at bargain prices.  However, The name was taken so we decided to go with "The treasure chest" because they were antiques and special finds with awesome cost, much like finding a treasure.  That was taken, so we I tried TW treasures and that was taken.  We brought our visions together to bring to you Wayne and Tiffany Treasures (WT Treasures).  We are overjoyed you are here!